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Current workstreams: Chief Planner letter

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Letter: Mayor Responds

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Letter from the Chief Planner, Scottish Government, providing an update on current workstreams being taken forward by Planning and Architecture division. Letter: Fay has made time to listen in District 66 Letter: Austin a problem-solver who brings people together Letter: Former student recommends Butler for House District Calls developer's claims "baseless and absurd" As a nonprofit, we depend on our readers to help pay our reporters, photographers and editors, and to provide the newspaper and website free to the community.

Letter: How California’s current election system prevents fair voting Using the present system actually eliminates the need to vote in November and should be invalidated. Must provide a letter from the facility, on the facility’s letterhead showing the facility’s name, address, and telephone number.

EO Operational Requirements: Obtaining Copies of Exemption Determination Letter from IRS

The letter must include the facility representative’s name, signature and date and indicate they will accept delivery of mail for the applicant. Under the terms of the National Agreement between the National Association of Letter Carriers and the United States Postal Service, this salary and rate schedule is the current paychart for all NALC represented employees.

Letter current
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